SEM Development


LEO & Fire Loadout Locations


This resource allows for LEO & Fire to spawn Peds, Weapons & Vehicles via locations on the map specified in the config file


The above images show each of the sections/areas within the resource.

Most of this resource is configurable in the config.lua to your choosing!
This includes peds, vehicles and extras, weapons and components, etc.

How to Install?

To install this resource you need to download it from here, extract the resource into your server's resource directory.
Ensure that when you open the resource folder you see the __resource.lua, if there is another folder extract that folders files into the previous directory.
Example: /resources/SEM_Loadout/__resource.lua

Head to your server.cfg and either start or ensure the resource
Example: start SEM_Loadout


Support for this resource will be provided in our Discord by our Support Team

If you find any bugs with the resource would you be able to report on the GitHub here
If you have any future suggestions for this resource please post them in our Discord or create an Issue on the GitHub and a Suggestion tag will be added